Guest PLAY

Members and Special Guests may book times seven days in advance.
One Guest may be hosted at any time.
Three Guests may be hosted at the following times:
• Monday to Thursday: 8:40 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. and
after 1:30 p.m.
• Friday: 8.40 a.m. to 11:20 a.m.
• Weekends and Holidays: after 11:00 a.m.
Members and Special Guests are permitted to host unescorted groups, host caddy required.
Guests may play a maximum of 6 times per year regardless of who hosts them (not including Member/Guest events).


The acceptable pace of play for 18 holes at the Devil's Pulpit is 4 1/2 hours or less; and 4 hours or less at the Devil's Paintbrush. Play coordinators monitor play to maintain these standards.


Play at the Devil's Pulpit Golf Association courses is governed by the RCGA Rules of Golf. Each player is requested to repair ball marks, replace divots and rake bunkers to ensure excellent conditions for all golfers.

WCD (Wireless communications devices) policy 

For the comfort and enjoyment of all Members, WCDs must be in silent mode at all times while on DPGA property. The use of WCDs for conversation is prohibited in the Clubhouses and on the golf courses, practice ranges and putting greens. In the Clubhouse area they may be used for conversation outside on the patios. Email and text messaging functions may be used on the golf courses provided proper golf course etiquette is followed and pace of play is not affected. Drivers of golf carts should not be emailing or text messaging. Emailing and text messaging are allowed in the Clubhouses. Members and Guests should be considerate of others and use their WCDs with discretion.


What people wear at the Devil's Pulpit Golf Association courses and in the Clubhouses has a direct bearing on the DPGA’s reputation and image. It is important that Members and their Guests dress in appropriate attire while on DPGA property.

On the Course, suitable attire includes golf slacks, Bermuda length shorts, golf shirts with collars, tucked in for men; and tailored blouses, golf shirts, skirts, dress shorts or slacks for women.

In the Clubhouse, appropriate golf attire is always acceptable, as are jacket and tie.

Denim wear of any kind or colour, T-shirts, tank tops, jogging or rugger pants or a disheveled appearance are not permitted anywhere on DPGA property. The dress code also applies to children.


Golf shoes with metal spikes are not permitted. Approved footwear for our courses include configurations of replacement soft spikes that are available from our locker room and any other spikeless shoes that are deemed acceptable by our Golf Course Superintendent and Director of Golf.


The Clubhouses at both courses and the Golf Gazebo at the Pulpit are designated as non-smoking areas. Smoking outside the Clubhouses is permitted is designated areas.